Neural Therapy

Every living thing is charged with electricity, each cell has a specific frequency range. The change in frequency and electrical conductivity of this pattern in the autonomic nerves and cells is often a cause for chronic illness. Normal electrical impulses travel unimpeded, allowing for good communication among various systems within the body creating "balance". If this balance is interrupted by stress, trauma, or even scarring to the tissues it will create an imbalance and interference field. This imbalance produces abnormal electrical signals which disrupt the autonomic nervous system and membrane potential of the nerve ganglia and nerve fiber.

Neural therapy delivers energy to short-circuited cells and helps regulate biological energy by restoring dysfunctional nerve balance and restoring normal tissue tension. Local andesitic is used at this site, as it infiltrates throughout the cell membrane it temporarily restores the natural membrane potential in the nerve cell. Once the cells regains nor normal activity, they can eliminate toxic waste that has built up as a result of this disturbance. Neural therapy attempts to break the cycle by identifying the primary lesion or interference field that produced the original abnormal signal in the autonomic nervous system.

Dr. Nebbeling has been using Neural Therapy for 30 years and has achieved great success in helping patients with pain and autonomic issues.