Dr. Brown's protocol

The late Thomas McPherson Brown, MD began his research in treating arthritis with antibiotic protocol therapy more than 70 years ago. Despite having personally treated more than 10,000 patients over a 50-year period, Dr. Brown's protocol is not widely known in the United States.

At David Nebbeling DO - Advanced Osteopathic Health, PLC, we have practiced Dr. Brown's protocol for more than 25 years, and we are successfully helping patients who suffer from the ravages of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The key insight with Dr. Brown's protocol is the conviction an infectious agent causes RA, and that as a result, RA should be treated with anti-infectious agents. Most typically, the medicines we use are tetracycline antibiotics. In addition, we also encourage RA patients to adopt a Mediterranean diet, cut down on sugar intake, and exercise regularly.

When Dr. Brown's protocol is followed for an ongoing time period (typically three to twelve months), both multiple research studies and our experiences have demonstrated improvement levels of 50 percent or more in patients' RA conditions.

For more information about Dr. Brown's protocol, we invite you to Contact Us, and read his book: The Road Back:

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